Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Base to Build (Building that engine!)

Base training is that cycle in a triathlete’s program where he or she sets the foundation for the season to come, what you do during this phase helps build the engine and keep you injury free for the rest of the season.  You’re logging long aerobic (easy) miles, hitting the weights for sport specific gains and working the heck out of technique.  Each year I learn more and more how important it can be to set up a solid base. Build is that phase where I start to get excited, when you start adding threshold training intervals gearing the body up to race. The key to this phase is to become more efficient (faster) at a certain distance or go further in a certain time period. This is usually done by adding ‘interval’ training to your workouts.
Well I was hoping to write this blog about 5 weeks ago but as fate would have it I got an upper respiratory infection which set my training back over a month. I’m back on track now; I spent an extra month in base training and have officially made the transition to build!  I love to race and often use local races for race pace efforts.  I started this weekend with the Beethoven 5K.  This 5 and 10K was put on to support Youth Orchestra’s of San Antonio.  I took the overall win for the 5k.  Snapple was well represented with Mr. Robbie Wade winning the 10K.  It felt great to be racing again and I’m looking forward to a few more blowout sessions be for my season opener, Kemah Triathlon, on 29 April.
Hope everyone’s training is on track and best of luck as you start racing!